My iMac First World Problem

I love my iMac, seriously love it. One of the most expensive things I’ve ever bought (it was top spec!) and also one of the absolute best things too but one thing that I think has been over looked by it was the position of the headphone jack, in the back of the screen.

Sure its probably not a massive problem if you have headphones with a long cable but aren’t they all relatively the same size? Anyway. This does my head in; the cable comes from the back of the screen, falls over the keyboard or is in the way of the mouse and it makes me rage quit so hard!

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WordPress is_blog()

Instead of creating a big if statement to figure out if something is in single/archive/blog index etc just use this nice little function I found here.

Change WordPress Email From: Name

I’ve recently had the need to change the name and email address on emails which come from WordPress and at first glance it looks pretty difficult, most forum posts suggest hacking the core to make it work.

Unnecessary, just put this into your functions.php

Redirect Page to First Child

I had the need to redirect a parent page to its first child with no user interaction. Quite simple really…

My iPad Mini Review

I bought one, it looks exactly like the one picture above. Its amazing, buy one. In fact, buy two. They are that good!