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My iMac First World Problem

I love my iMac, seriously love it. One of the most expensive things I’ve ever bought (it was top spec!) and also one of the absolute best things too but one thing that I think has been over looked by it was the position of the headphone jack, in the back of the screen.

Sure its probably not a massive problem if you have headphones with a long cable but aren’t they all relatively the same size? Anyway. This does my head in; the cable comes from the back of the screen, falls over the keyboard or is in the way of the mouse and it makes me rage quit so hard!

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My iPad Mini Review

I bought one, it looks exactly like the one picture above. Its amazing, buy one. In fact, buy two. They are that good!

Stag do begins

Surprise pickup by Uncle Andy at 12:00 back to his house for Jack & Cokes.

20120928-013057 PM.jpg

20120928-025550 PM.jpg

Starting School

20120809-060441 PM.jpg

my little boy starts school on Tuesday. Epic times.

New Car!

20120710-103812 PM.jpg
I bought a new car last week. My first ever brand new car. She’s a beauty!