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Team Inigo 2012

20120710-104111 PM.jpg
Our Ben left Inigo this month :( here’s our departing picture of Team Inigo 2012.

New Car!

20120710-103812 PM.jpg
I bought a new car last week. My first ever brand new car. She’s a beauty!

WP Canvas

About this time last year I made a canvas with a QR code on it, it hangs proudly in my office. I had bought two canvases then but only used one. Today I had an idea for the second!

WP Canvas! – It only took 20 minutes to make and I think it turned out well. Thoughts?

Broken Apple Products

Week #6

20120208-093559 PM.jpg

20120208-093615 PM.jpg

20120208-093627 PM.jpg

20120208-093649 PM.jpg

20120208-093707 PM.jpg