My iMac First World Problem

I love my iMac, seriously love it. One of the most expensive things I’ve ever bought (it was top spec!) and also one of the absolute best things too but one thing that I think has been over looked by it was the position of the headphone jack, in the back of the screen.

Sure its probably not a massive problem if you have headphones with a long cable but aren’t they all relatively the same size? Anyway. This does my head in; the cable comes from the back of the screen, falls over the keyboard or is in the way of the mouse and it makes me rage quit so hard!


So after a long time of putting up with this I finally bought a cheap extension lead off of Amazon and set to work on a way to fix my problem: Extension lead + Sugru =


Now it isn’t anywhere near the mouse of keyboard. I just plug the extension into the headphone jack when I want to use it. The cable is completely out the way, its awesome!