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My iPad Mini Review

I bought one, it looks exactly like the one picture above. Its amazing, buy one. In fact, buy two. They are that good!

Broken Apple Products

I haz iPhone 4S

I got up at 4am, went to O2 at 7am and stood outside for 2 hours, then I got a demo of the iPhone 4S by someone who is obviously a Sony Ericsson user and then he tried to sell me speakers.

O2 complained to me when I wouldn’t stand infront of a laptop to see where the iPhone was on a map. I should of got to cut infront of these folk, instead I had to wait for the demo to be completed.

New Apple Goodies

I bought a Apple keyboard and mouse today, the magic trackpad is not a nice thing to use at all, that will be getting ebay’d right away! I want the big wired keyboard because the laptop keyboard is to compact and the wireless keyboard isn’t much better!