VanBook 2.0

Back in the days of 2008 when Vanilla Forums were newish on the scene and just taking off, someone by the name of dkodr in the Vanilla Community created a theme called VanBook losly based on the FaceBook Developers pages.

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of tinkering with Vanilla to get myself up to speed with Gardens APIs and such – I also decided to create my own theme, well… I decided to recreate probably the single best Vanilla 1 theme that was available, Vanbook.

So I’m working on VanBook 2.0, there has been no mention of this in the Vanilla Community – which as of about a year ago I myself have not been active on. I did ask OP if he minded me tinkering with his theme quite a while ago and he said he didn’t mind.

At the moment there are not really any amazing themes available for Vanilla and I’m hoping this rehash of a once popular theme gets some good reception.