BT Infinity Broadband, Good or Bad?


So I’ve had BT Inifinity for just under a month now (3 days) and thought I would do a little review type thing about it, I know a bunch of people (including me really) that despise everything about BT, the usual story about a monopoly, its too big a company, none or very little communication throughout the company and general shoddy customer services. I even saw them on Watchdog a couple weeks back with people complaining about the moving home team not performing correctly. Its my opinion you should never rely on BT – for anything.

Despite that, at the start of February I was looking for a new broadband provider after I cancelled my Sky Broadband package (so so so bad. Don’t even bother.), I would usually just fire up Be* Broadband and be done with it, however the speeds that Be* were advising that I could obtain were only just better than what Sky were giving me so I cautiously guided my browser over to to see what they had been up to.

BT gave me a provisional speed test of UP TO (if you are a broadband provider and you use the term ‘up to’, I hate you & so does everyone else btw) something like 20mb/s on their BT Infinity package, which is pretty damn good, since everyone else (on copper at least) can only get me 3/4mb. After some discussion with friends & twitter folk, just about everyone was against the idea because of traffic management (hate) which is fine, since I don’t download millions of GB’s of movies or music and really only use the internet for browsing and uploading then I probably shouldn’t be effected by traffic management or line capping, with that in mind I went forth and ordered BT Infinity with the unlimited package, just in case.

5 days later two engineers showed up at my door, they switched the fiber on at the cabinet in the street and installed a new master socket in my house, one of the engineers done an initial line test which he said was coming back at 32mb/s. Wow. So thats 12mb more than what BT said I would (probably) get. A month on and I do still get 32mb at times (usually during the day or very late at night) but its more likely that Ill be getting somewhere between 26mb – 29mb.

BT definitely delivered on this, I thank them for that. So much other stuff they just suck at, for example, when I login to my BT account on their website I get stupid errors about not having any services with them, even though I’ve entered all my account numbers and paid my bills etc, but hey, at least their Infinity broadband is bloody epic. Also, BT are pretty active on twitter ( @BTCare ) to try solve your problems.