Grayson97 – Paparazzi Cover

This popped up on just about every social bookmarking / news / network site that you can think of today. I wanted to air my thoughts on it.

I wish the music industry would take a far more serious look at websites like YouTube, pruning the utter rubbish and ending with people like this. I hold a grudge paying £12.99 (or whatever it is these days) for albums or even their lesser expensive counter-parts of singles, the main reason being is that what I’m buying isn’t a true reflection of the music that is out at that point in time, it’s just music packaged up – which will sell – and sent off to the shops to make its impact (or not) in the charts.

Finding music like this though gives me hope, I’d be quite happy to pay for the flight to his home town and hand over my £12.99 for him to play me 1 song. This boy is epic.