iOS App Adventures – Part 1

I think it was just about a year ago now that I had an idea for an epic iPhone App that (I think) would be useful and more importantly an app that does something better than the current apps out there in this field at the moment. I sat down and drew out what I needed and my train of thought was NATIVE APPS.

I’ve recently been doing a lot of responsive HTML/CSS stuff so my thoughts have changed from native to mobile web however I still wanted a presence in the App Store because its the only way to truly deliver the product.

I had some free time over the past couple days, signed up for a iOS developer account and began.
24 Hours later & my app is ready :)!

You might say “Its ONLY a webview UI – thats nothing special.” and you’d be right, but that is all I need for this app since I’m making the interface on the web – It does however have these two little buttons at the bottom, Home & Settings which are like hotkeys to take you to these pages fast, which is slightly more than ‘ONLY a webview UI’.

I don’t care – Im pretty happy with what I’ve made & also with the end result. Watch this space!


iPad Version!