Little Holiday in York

I took the family down to York for a couple days & stayed in a caravan, Emilie & I have both been to York before, as children, and we knew Sam would love the Railway Museum so we booked a caravan and headed on down!

We stayed at Robin Hood Caravan Park (@RobinHoodPark) in Slingsby in one of their static caravans, the park is really nice although I wish I had booked at a busier time as there was only a couple caravans occupied and no children running about for Sam to play with. They had an epic play park up the back of the site and which we only went to once while leaving, but for the short time we played in it, Sam bloody loved it!

We arrived late evening on Sunday so we just had dinner and put the boys to bed after a long drive, on the Monday though we set out for the Railway Museum in York, I remember it as being a massive building filled with trains and all manner of epicness – it was a big building filled with trains but it’s clearly more enjoyable as a child though. We got a demo of the turntable, which I loved.

On Tuesday we decided to go have a look at Castle Howard, I nearly decided not to and just go into York for a walk about instead, I’m glad I didn’t! Castle Howard was banging good! The tour guide people just wanted to chat about all the paintings on the wall, I was more interested in the current owner – who lives in the ‘private east wing’, I nearly LOL’d out loud when the girl said that to me. They also had an amazing ‘adventure play ground’ which Sam and I played in, Sam was too much of a wimp to cross the rope bridge though – man up!

After Castle Howard we went into York to do our best and spend the remainder of the holiday money – walking into toy shops and saying to Sam “You can pick ANYTHING in here, ANYTHING you want Sam, I’ll buy you ANYTHING you want in here. Go.” Sam: “Oh actually, I think I just want sweeties.” fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Apart from my card being declined while trying to pay for dinner (thanks RBS fraud prevention :/) & the occasional stressed out moments when I took the wrong roads in York, we had a great time! I thoroughly recommend @RobinHoodPark to anyone thinking about going to York.

p.s this is a bad ass Peacock @ Castle Howard, It was not shy at all.