Plugin Spotlight: Advanced Custom Fields

What’s this? Plugin Spotlight!? I don’t know, I just wanted to show this bad boy off!

Its nice to get into the meat of WordPress and make plugins, learning loads of new tricks along the way however if you are making a plugin you should really check the WordPress Plugin Directory beforehand, chances are someone has had your problem and resolved it.

I’ve been using custom attributes for image sliders for a long time & to be perfectly honest, its a bit of a round about way for the end user to show an image on the front page, users want a simple interface, this plugin does just that! There may be others that are even better or more geared towards uploading images etc however this one has lots of different settings which I just love!

First time I’ve used it and its probably saved me about an hours work already. :]

Author: Elliot Condon
WordPress Plugin: Advanced Custom Fields