QR Canvas

Over the weekend Emilie and I went to Dunelm Mill (shop) for a look about, we wanted to get a big canvas print for above our bed (we got one of the Golden Gate Bridge btw), alongside the printed canvases were blank canvases & Emilie thought it would be good to get a couple and get the kids to paint things on them, I wanted a couple for my office so off we set!

When we got home Emilie suggested I put something techie on my office ones, like an ‘iPhone Barcode’ (QR Code to everyone else), excellent idea! So I set about it.

It took about 6 hours from start to finish. I printed out an A4 QR Code and cellotape it to the underside of the canvas. I then put the canvas on top of a glass table with a bright (lava lamp) light underneath it and sketched out each black square with pencil as light as possible.

I then got black permanent marker from ASDA with a ‘bullet’ tip (thin) and started to colour in all the black squares. While doing this I really wanted it to be readable, so that people could hit it with their iPhones or Androids and it would read the QR Codes, once I had finished colouring it in, I gave the canvas to Emilie to hold up, pointed my phone at it and wham! Instant success.

I present to you, the QR Canvas.