St Margaret’s Cave

A couple weeks ago my Dad came up to help me take 2 old beds to the recycle centre in his big red van. We were driving through Dunfermline town to go to the recycling centre and he started to tell me about St Mary’s Cave that use to be around here and that the Council probably built a car park over it or something, but the point of the story was that there was a cave here somewhere – and that stuck with me. I bloody love caves!

A couple weeks past and a sleepless night had me browsing on my phone in bed, I remembered about the cave so started searching, there was no St Mary’s Cave – but there was a St Margarets.

So we went there today. Its nothing massive, theres no gift shop and no picnic tables. You go down 84 steps into a cave deep bellow ground level.

This small building which is situated in the Glen Bridge car park is the entrance to the cave which is named after Queen Margaret, who used to meditate and pray here in the 11th century. She was Queen of Scotland, canonised in 1250 and made patron saint of Scotland in 1673. The cave is one of Scotland’s holiest shrines.

During the construction of the car park in 1969 the council wanted to bury the cave under tons of concrete. This sparked a public outcry and the council then agreed to build a tunnel under the car park to allow access to the cave.

From this building 84 steps lead down to a tunnel which then turns into a single chamber 10 feet long by 8 feet wide and 8 feet high.

Also – I don’t think I was actually allowed to take photos in there….